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"There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee; neither is there any rock like our God." (I Samuel 2:2)
It was not a great prophet or priest that uttered that statement, but a young woman, named Hannah.
Hannah was married to a man named Elkanah. Ekanah had a second wife, named Peninnah. Peninnah was able to have children, while Hannah was barren.
I can imagine that there was lots of rivalry in a home with two cooks, but because Hannah was unable to bear children, this rivalry was compounded!
Each year, at Passover, Elkanah would make a pilgrimage to Shiloh to worship. He would bring his entire family with him.
On this particular trip, Hannah rose after supper, and went to the tabernacle to pray. She wanted a child of her own. In her prayer, she promised God that if He blessed her with a baby, she would give the baby back to God!
God heard Hannah's prayer, and answered it. After they returned home from Shiloh, Hannah was with child! She had a little boy, and she named him, Samuel.
Did Hannah go back on her promise to God? No, she did not. After she weaned Samuel, she brought him to the priest at Shiloh, and left him there. That must have been hard to do!
But, Hannah made regular trips to see Samuel, and would make clothes for him. Samuel knew who his mother was!
Hannah had a peace in her heart, and was happy. She praised God for the gift of Samuel. "And Hannah prayed, and said, My heart rejoiceth in the LORD,..." (I Samuel 2:1)
Samuel became a great power unto the people of Israel! God used him mightily.
And, Hannah was blessed with five more children, three sons, and two daughters!
Hannah had a broken and burdened heart. What did she do to ease her pain? She turned to God!
Good things happen when you pray!
From my heart to your heart.

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