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"And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,
To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary." (Luke 1:26-27)
It is quite possible that Mary and Joseph's upcoming nuptials were an arranged marriage. So many marriages in that part of the world were, and still are. Certainly, we will all agree that God arranges marriages, and when people get it right, it is the best thing ever, even better than sliced bread.
I truly believe that theirs was a match made in heaven! They loved each other, for it would make no sense whatsoever for God to bring His only begotten Son to a loveless home environment. You can feel Joseph's love for Mary in Matthew's gospel, as he pondered what to do.
They were "espoused". That means that a legal and binding agreement had been made between both parties to marry each other. It would actually take a divorce document to break the contract, even though there had been no marriage ceremony. They were husband and wife, legally!
Let me remind you of how it was to go:
1) The groom's family approaches the bride's family, and agrees upon a 'purchase' price for the bride.
2) The agreed price is paid.
3) The groom leaves his espoused wife at her parents home, and goes to build a house for them to live in.
4) The bride waits faithfully for her espoused husband to return for her.
5) When the groom completes their home, he returns for his bride.
6) The marriage ceremony is performed, and a huge party is thrown.
7) The groom takes his wife to their home, where they live happily ever after.
Marriage is an illustration of salvation:
1) God visits people, and makes an offer for their salvation.
2) The agreed price is paid, in full. The price was paid at Calvary.
3) The believer is espoused to Jesus, and is His, alone. The Lord has gone to prepare a place for His bride.
4) The believer remains in this world, waiting for Jesus to return.
5) When Jesus has completed the preparation of their home in heaven, He will return.
6) The marriage feast of the Lamb will be held. It will be a huge celebration!
7) And so shall we ever be with the Lord!
Dear Believer, you have given your heart to Jesus. You are espoused to Him. He paid the dowry in full, and has gone to prepare a place for you. When he finishes it, He will return, and take you home with Him. Wait patiently and faithfully for Him.
MARY AND JOSEPH WERE SWEETHEARTS! Jesus and the believer are sweethearts, too.
From my heart to your heart.

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