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"Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine." (I Timothy 4:13)
Happy New Year!
With the New Year comes the opportunity for new beginnings. One of the things that I would recommend is reading through your Bible in one year.
When I pastored Hopewell Baptist Church, at Centerpoint, LA, I met a man named Willie Pierce. He lived at Oak Haven Nursing Home in Centerpoint. Mr. Pierce had never married, and had no family, except for nieces and nephews that checked on him. One other dear friend named Eddie Holsomback also kept up with him.
Willie was almost blind when I knew him. He was a diabetic patient that had lost a leg to the disease. But despite his bad eyes, and diabetes, he read his Bible every day.
It was a pitiful sight to walk into his room, and see him with a large print Bible on his lap, with a page magnifier laying on the page of his Bible, and a large magnifying glass in his hand, plus his prescription eye wear on his nose. Yet, he read the entire Bible each year, at least one time! Sometimes, he accomplished this task twice in a year.
He was an inspiration for me. I thought that if he could do that with all the difficulties he had, surely I could do as much!
So, each year, starting on January 1, I begin this journey through God's precious word. What a rewarding adventure it has been!
There are many guides that will help you accomplish this assignment. Lately, I have used an app on my phone that keeps me on track each day.
Willie has gone to heaven, now. I can't help but believe that he is part of a loyal few, there, that "...give attention to reading..." the precious Word of God, while they made their pilgrimage upon the earth.
I invite you to join that loyal group. Just read it, and believe it!
From my heart to your heart.

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