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"For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name." (Luke 1:49)
The Bible continues to record Mary's Magnificat, and in this verse, she utters two things that we have been taught since our childhood;
1) God is great!
2) God is good!
"For he that is mighty hath done to me great things;..." (v. 49-a)
We serve a mighty God that can do anything. He created everything that we have seen from nothing. I say, 'have seen', because we haven't seen everything, yet. But all that we have seen was made by God!
Not only is God mighty, but He is great! "Awesome" is a word that you hear used a lot. When the home team wins, it is 'awesome'. When you finish your meal, you compliment the chef by saying, "It was 'awesome'". But, in my opinion, 'awesome' should be used to describe only what God can do, and causes us to be in 'awe'.
God is great, and does great things! Mary thought about what God had done in her life.
1) God was actively fulfilling prophecies and promises that were thousands of years old!
2) God 'regarded' her! A young woman, living an obscure life in the mountains of Galilee!
3) God miraculously made a baby in her womb! (If any one is absolutely certain about the immaculate conception, it is Mary!)
4) God was sending the fore runner into the world, through an elderly couple that were unable to have children!
5) God was bringing hope to a world that was without hope!
Yes. God is great! And He is good, too. "..and holy is his name." (v. 49-b) God is holy, He is good! Don't ever doubt it. God is good.
1) He loved us when we were unlovable!
2) He sought us when we didn't want to be found!
3) He adopted us into His family!
4) He gave His Son to the ruthless and unmerciful to save us from sin, and its horrible end!
As you celebrate this Lord's day, remember two things, "God is great, God is good!
From my heart to your heart.

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