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"Now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea, and Herod being tetrarch of Galilee, and his brother Philip tetrarch of Ituraea and of the region of Trachonitis, and Lysanias the tetrarch of Abilene,
Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests, the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness,
And he came into all the country about Jordan, Preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;" (Luke 3:1-3)
Tiberius Caesar became emperor of Rome in A. D. 14. So we know that John the Baptist began preaching in A. D. 29.
John the Baptist was a simple man. He lived a simple life. Don't let any one talk down living a simple life. There is much to be admired about a person who does not need to have the biggest and the best of everything.
Dr. Luke listed a veritable Who's Who of people as he introduced John.
1) Tiberius was emperor of the Roman Empire, which stretched from Great Britain unto India.
2) Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea.
3) Herod, Philip, and Lysanias were tetrarchs. They were simply politicians that were sold out to Rome.
4) Annas and Caiaphas were high priests, and members of the Sanhedrin court, a powerful and political Jewish lobbyist group.
All of these were wealthy, and lived in luxury. They were all powerful and influential.
John probably lived in a cave, or some makeshift brush arbor. He wore a tunic made from camel hair, and ate what he could find in the wilderness.
Here's a few thoughts.
1) Jesus never mentions those powerful men by name.
2) Jesus not only says John's name, He said this of Him, "Verily I say into you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: not withstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he." (Matthew 11:11)
3) John was a very important person in Jesus' eyes.
This day, don't run after the things that the rich and famous chase after, but rather, live a simple life of faith. You'll receive accolades from Jesus!
From my heart to your heart.

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