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"The disciple is not above his master; but every one that is perfect shall be as his master." (Luke 6:40)
In 1611, when the King James Version of the Bible was written from the original texts, the words "disciple" and "master" were common words, meaning "student" and "teacher", respectively.
So, let's read that again, "The (student) is not above his (teacher); but every one that is perfect shall be as his (teacher).
It is a romantic and dramatic notion that we human beings can become smarter than our teachers.
1) The Jedi knight becomes too advanced for his or her trainer to be able to train any further.
2) The college freshman knows more than their professor.
3) The teenager knows more than their parents.
4) The five year old knows more about I-Phones than their grandparents. (Oops! I had better re-think that one.)
Granted, their are those rare occasions when someone is unusually blessed with genius or physical abilities. Let me repeat the words "rare", and "blessed".
But the norm is this, your teacher knows more than you do!
I digress. The main-most point in this scripture is this, "Who is your teacher?"
The second main-most point is this, "You shall reflect what you have learned!"
In my short time as a pilgrim upon this earth, I have met some of the meanest, nastiest, and cruelest of people. I have often wondered, "Who taught you to be this way? Where did you receive your training?"
Eventually, you will be able to trace that behavior down to the depths of hell, where the devil engages in the teaching of his arts twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. And no matter how intensely you train, you will never excel above Satan.
On the other hand, it has been my privilege to meet many gracious and kind people along the way that is my life. I don't wonder why they are the way they are, for I can see the teachings of Jesus on their hearts, and souls. I know that they have been sitting at the feet of Jesus, learning from Him what is good, and wholesome, and kind.
As kind as those people are, they will never be kinder than the One that taught them. As gracious as they are, they will never be as gracious as Jesus!
So, let's go back to the main-most question, again. Do you remember what it was?
"Who is your teacher?" I hope you have been sitting at the feet of Jesus.
And, I will caution you with this, "You can never know more about good things than He does. So, don't ever quit trying to learn something more from Him"
From my heart to your heart.

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