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"And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age,..." (Luke 3:23)
Dr. Luke tells us that Jesus was about 30 years of age when he began His public ministry.
I have often thought about those thirty years before. What was Jesus like when he was a boy? What were those turbulent teenage years like, for Him? Did he enjoy working with Joseph in the carpenter's shop? And, how many friends did He have? Did He have a hobby?
One thing that I know is this, Jesus did everything well.
1) He must have been the best behaved little boy.
2) He could not have been a rebellious teenager.
3) I imagine that He enjoyed working with Joseph in the carpenter's shop. (He, unlike myself, never made a bad cut.)
4) And, I bet that Jesus had many friends that wanted to hang out with Him. (Other parents did not worry about their children hanging out with Jesus.)
How do I know these things? The Bible tells us that Jesus was Immanuel, which means, He was God in the flesh. Let me illustrate this. If you had some putty, and pressed a nickel into it, you would have an exact image of the nickel in that putty. Jesus is God in the flesh!
For thirty years, our Savior lived as a carpenter's son. But at thirty years of age, the age that a man had to be before he entered the priesthood, Jesus began His work to become our Savior.
For the next three years, He would do what was necessary to save us from our sins. He would go to that cross because He loves us! And, Mary, His mother, would stand and watch her child suffer and die for us.
"O, How I Love Jesus"!
From my heart to your heart.

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