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"For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living." (Mark 12:44)
Unfortunately, we do not know the name of this poor widow. However, God does!
I am so happy that God included this story in the Bible. What a tribute to this humble soul, who loved, and trusted God, so much.
Our Savior has made His entrance into Jerusalem, and is only days away from betrayal, arrest, and sacrifice.
He is seated in His house, the temple. It was built for Him, yet no one even recognizes that He is there.
Jesus is observing those who have come to His house, and sees what they are sacrificing unto Him.
1) The "fat cats" throw large sums of money into the treasury! You hear the silver coins 'ring' as they fall from their hands, and into the chest for the collection. Some let them fall slowly, prolonging the dropping of the shekels, almost to the point of being able to count how many they drop in. Others toss them in, making it apparent they they have contributed lots of coins to the offering.
2) The 'misers' gave begrudgingly, almost to the point of reaching back into the chest, and retrieving what they had put into it. They really should have held on to it! God doesn't want or need that kind of sacrifice.
3) The 'joyful' gave with a willing heart. They were happy to return to the Lord a portion of what He had given unto them! They knew that it all belonged to God, any way. And they were happy for what God allowed them to keep, and to enjoy.
Jesus made no comment on the way any of these sacrificed their living, though. Not until this widow walked into His house, and made her sacrifice! He was fully aware of what she did. She gave two small bronze coins, almost tiny. They were the smallest denomination of money. Two mites! Each coin was worth about an eighth of a penny.
I'm pretty sure that none of the other parishioners were impressed with what she gave. But Jesus was! He knew that she had given every coin she had to her name. She had "...cast in all that she had, even all her living." Christ, our Savior, knew that!
We should not be confused about the lesson in this text. It was not about money, nor giving money to the church. It was about sacrifice! And, it was about trust!
She gave because she wanted to, and she knew that God would take care of her. She was not afraid to make this tremendous sacrifice!
You do know, that the least valuable thing that you have to offer to God is your money, don't you? The easiest of sacrifices is to write a check!
But, what about your time? How much time do you give to the Lord?
What about your life? Do you hold on to a life of sin and debauchery, thinking that it is your life?
What about caring? Do you allow yourself to be your brother's keeper?
I wonder how often this poor lady came to God's house, and sacrificed her living? I don't wonder about how many times God saw her do it, though.
He saw it every time!
From my heart to your heart.

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