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"And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God." (Mark 11:12)
I know it sounds cliche, but we should "Have faith in God"!
Isn't that what people tell you when you are going through a rough patch? "Have faith in God", they say. And you may be thinking, "Look who is telling me to 'Have faith in God'"?
Sometimes, those who admonish us to put our trust in God have little or no evidence that they follow their own advice. But, look at who is telling us to trust God. Jesus!
Certainly, Christ would know, better than any one else, just how important it is to 'Have faith in God'.
"Faith" is "trust". Trust in the Lord!
1) Trust that He loves you.
2) Trust that He is taking care of you.
3) Trust that He will be with you, this day.
"Have faith in God!"
The old hymn goes like this,
Have faith in God when your pathway is lonely,
He sees and knows all the way you have trod;
Never alone are the least of His children;
Have faith in God, Have faith in God.
Have faith in God, He's on His throne;
Have faith in God, He watches o'er His own;
He cannot fail, He must prevail;
Have faith in God, have faith in God.
Have faith in God when your prayers are unanswered,
Your earnest plea He will never forget;
Wait on the Lord, trust His Word and be patient,
Have faith in God, He'll answer yet.
Have faith in God in your pain and your sorrow,
His heart is touched with your grief and despair;
Cast all your care and your burdens upon Him,
And leave them there, oh, leave them there.
Have faith in God though all else fail about you;
Have faith in God, He provides for His own;
He cannot fail though all kingdoms shall perish,
He rules, He reigns upon His throne.
B. B. McKinney wrote that hymn, and he simply says to us, "Have Faith in God". He wrote that hymn in 1934, when America was in the grip of the Great Depression. Even if you had money, it wasn't worth anything. Nearly every family in America did without basic necessities. God inspired him to write, "Have Faith in God".
Sound advice for our day, from the heart of our Lord.
From my heart to your heart.

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