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"Then came Amalek, and fought with Israel in Rephidim." (Exodus 17:8)
Moses has brought Israel out of the bondage of the Egyptians.
God goes before them as a cloud by day, and a fire by night, leading the way.
They have crossed the sea on dry ground. And saw their enemy drowned in the same sea!
They have drank water from a rock, and eaten bread from heaven!
They are an illustration of salvation, and followers of God, bound for the Promised Land.
Life is good!
Who were the Amalekites? They were descendants of Esau. Esau was a son of Isaac, and a grandson of Abraham. He was the brother of Jacob, whose name was changed by God to, Israel.
Amalek was of the family of Abraham, but was not of the same spirit as Abraham. Amalek was an unscrupulous and ruthless hater of all men! His descendants were raiders, thieves, and murderers.
They attacked Israel as they followed God in the wilderness! God said to Moses, "You must fight against Amalek." (v. 9)
It would be a war that would never end on the earth. "For he said, Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation." (v. 16)
"Amalek" is the picture of the conflict between right and wrong in the heart of every believer. He was of the same family as those who followed God, but he did not follow God! He was of the flesh, but not of the Spirit.
The Christian is saved by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but lives in this world. The Christian wants to follow God, but the carnal nature of the believer wars against it. The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
The believer wants to surrender all of their bad habits to the Lord, but the flesh says, "Boring! I'm bored with all of this goody-two-shoes lifestyle. I want to let my hair down, and party til I drop!"
Don't give in to Amalek! God says ,"FIGHT AMALEK! FIGHT AMALEK, FOREVER!"
So, the next time you feel like howling at the moon, it's not because you got lost again. You've left Egypt, and Pharaoh has been defeated! You've drank from the fountain of living water, and have eaten the bread that fell from heaven!
It's just Amalek. The old carnal nature making a raid, and trying to steal your joy. That 'old man' rears his head from time to time, and wants to break out of the traces. He is a REBEL!
Fight against him, forever.
From my heart to your heart.

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